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NGS 2137 CNC machining table has been designed to produce fast solutions thanks to its powerful body architecture and dust and chip resistant linear systems that are compatible with difficult working conditions and practical use.


Thanks to the lift and loading unit, plates can be easily loaded on the machine without the need for an operator. It allows you to save time while providing efficiency in production.
Thanks to the unloading and cleaning unit, machined parts can be unloaded automatically on the machine. At the same time, thanks to the bridge dust extraction system, it removes dust on the table, leaving a clean area for the next process.
Thanks to the conveyor unit, the machined parts are transported to the end of the production line without the help of the operator and position them at the end of the line so that the operator can take it easily.

Thanks to the NGS 2137 CNC ROUTER FULL LINE system, it provides a one-to-one solution for high efficiency and time-saving.

The cavity-free structure and hardening of the induction-hardened helix bunker provides the same precision for many years.

The cars used are equipped with extra dust felts specially produced for the wood industry, the rails used are blackened to be sensitive, anti-wear.

Machine body is made of ST37 Platina and profile and strength analyzes are performed at maximum loads. After the joints, stress relief was made with the electromagnetic system.

Technicial Specifications

  • Automatic controlled aluminum vacuum table in 8 different regions
  • There are support systems that allow parts to be connected on X and Y axes
  • All axes are geared gearless, Liming Servo reducers are used.
  • Control unit Panasonic
  • Italian HSD brand 7.5-9 KW (12HP) 24000 rpm, ceramic bearing, HSK F63 Spindle engine with automatic tool change was used.
  • Vacuum Pump 2 pieces of GREENCO 500m3 maintenance-free dry vacuum pumps are used.
  • Movable magazine under the bridge is available as a standard.
  • There is a handwheel that allows manual use integrated in the machine.
  • Automatic lubrication system in 13 points
  • Net working area 2100 X 3700 X 200 mm
  • Machine G00 max speed 80 m / min
  • Automatic unloading and sweeping system is available.
  • ALPHA-Cam design program compatible with the machine is available for 1 year rental.
  • Average weight 4500 KG


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